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Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16-14)

Love your neighbor. It’s what Jesus calls us to do. Just as we are part of one Church family, we are part of one human family.

Each time we pray for another person, each time we offer food or clothing to someone in need, each time we offer encouragement, each time we smile at a stranger – when we show kindness to our neighbor, we are connected in faith and love.

Jan Gilberto knows this. She is a woman of faith. And, like you, she is a friend of Dismas Ministry. For more than five years, Jan’s prayerful and financial support has helped sustain our mission.

When asked why she supports this outreach to prisoners – providing Catholic bibles, prayer books, study courses, and rosaries to the incarcerated – Jan is reminded of the story of St. Dismas, and she shared this:

Jesus turned to him. Dismas – a thief – responded to the tremendous grace from being next to Jesus on Calvary. He was the first to go home to heaven. What happened to Dismas is still relevant. By giving someone a bible or other spiritual materials they need, it is providing them with a way to change their life. Don’t let them languish in their incarceration, but, instead, offer them hope. Jesus, in His own agony, reached out to Dismas. It is an example for all of us.

We, at Dismas Ministry, cannot do this work without support from our friends and benefactors…like Jan and you. Together, we give the gift of hope to women and men behind bars who are in need of God’s love and mercy.

For your loving and prayerful support of Dismas Ministry, and those we serve, throughout the year, please be assured of our gratitude and prayers for you and your loved ones throughout this Christmas season.

May peace and joy be yours now and in the New Year!

Ms. Tyler Curtis

Executive Director

I Am Beautiful
Let us broadcast words of healing…
Let us take a handful of words and scatter them…as seed;
Some of these words will fall on the path
as we journey through this life
Some of these words will fall in the rocky places
when we are going through hardships
Some of these words will help us overcome the prickly thorns
that try to choke and suppress our joy
Some will fall into the goodness of our hearts
and transform our thinking
Then, we choose and take the responsibility
for the words we allow into our consciousness and
the words we sow into the consciousness of others
Think beautiful words within
Then, spread them all around
Written by Denise

I Am Beautiful Blog Series

In anticipation of the release of Volume Eight of “I Am Beautiful” in 2019, we will be starting a new blog series entitled – I Am Beautiful! During the months of December and January, prior to the release of this book, we will share entries from previous volumes. Each blog is written by the women in prison who submitted their personal works. As you read their stories and view their art, may their resilient spirit and messages of hope inspire you to help their collective voices be heard.

Women prisoners are invited to contribute to the book series and a new volume is published annually. Their contributions make this book a work of their own. It also allows them to help other women in prisons across the country who may be struggling with the trauma of abuse.  Our hope is to provide them with courage and comfort.