I Am Beautiful

A project by and for women in prison
A high percentage of women in prison have experienced some form of abuse in their lives, whether emotional, physical or sexual. As a result, they still live with the effects of their trauma as they serve their sentences. They often have a poor self-image and feelings of worthlessness. The “I Am Beautiful” project strives to support their inner beauty as they rediscover self-esteem and worth.

The I Am Beautiful project invites women in prison to share their writings and art to be considered for an annual publication entitled “I Am Beautiful.” Their contributions make this book a work of their own. It also allows them to help other women in prisons across the country who may be struggling with the trauma of abuse

Free copies were sent to 90 women’s prisons across the United States.

Responses To “I Am Beautiful”

“I thank God that there are people like you who are concerned for prisoners. With your prayers you cheer us on to continue moving forward. May God take care of you and enlighten you always. Please never abandon us. My prison cell has been converted into a palace for me. I prefer to be here than in any other place.” – Women Inmate

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