Inmate Services

“I was in prison and you visited Me.” Matthew 25:36.

The materials listed below are distributed without cost by Dismas Ministry to Catholic inmates who request them, as well as to the prison chaplains in areas currently designated for service. These areas are chosen by Dismas Ministry based on the ministry’s annual budget.

If an inmate would like to receive any of our materials, they must write to us directly to request a materials brochure. Once we receive their request we will mail them a materials brochure with an authorization form to be completed by the facility. Once we receive the completed brochure we then send the requested items.

Mailing Address:
Dismas Ministry
PO Box 070363
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Catholic Bibles

Distribution of free Catholic Bibles in English and Spanish places the Word of God in the hands of inmates for regular, daily reading. Versions include the deuterocanonical books: New American Catholic Bible (Santa Biblia, Spanish).

Prayer Book

A pocket-size prayer book (glued-no staples) designed to foster the prayer life of Catholic inmates. Includes all the common Catholic prayers, lives of saints who have been in prison, and prayers and illustrations contributed by inmates. Pray in the Spirit (Oren en Espiritu, Spanish)

Bible Study

A 3-part correspondence course for inmates on the Catholic Bible, God with Us (Dios Con Nosotros, Spanish).

Faith Study

A 3-part correspondence course for inmates on the Catholic faith, A Reason for Hope (Una Razon para La Esperanza, Spanish).

Prayer Study

A 3-part correspondence course for inmates on Catholic prayer, Pray Always (English Only).

Social Justice Study

The Web of Life – A Study Course of Catholic Social & Restorative Justice for Prisoners (English)

If you would like to purchase any of these items please visit our store.