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Our Name

Dismas Ministry is named after Saint Dismas, one of the people executed with Jesus on Calvary.

In that final hour, Saint Dismas, also called the good thief, took stock of his life and turned to Jesus for mercy and said:

“Jesus, remember me when you enter your kingdom” ~ Luke 23:42.

In the way so typical of his ministry, Jesus turned to him and said:

“This day you will be with me in paradise” ~ Luke 23:43.

Our Focus

Dismas Ministry focuses primarily on a spiritual approach with prisoners who want to understand and strengthen their relationship with God. As one of them wrote,

“Prisoners need God and the love of Jesus and Mary as much or even more than the population as a whole.”

We also take to heart the challenge of Jesus in his parable of the last judgment when he identified with the imprisoned,

“I was in prison and you visited me” ~ Matthew 25:36.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve prisoners in all 50 states with free Catholic scripture, faith and prayer resources.

Despite where they are, prisoners are still members of Christ’s Body and should not be forgotten. As one prisoner said, “We are not animals.” Many will use their time behind bars to reassess their lives, and with God’s help, make amends for the way that they have victimized others. As fellow Catholics, we can walk with them to support their spiritual transformation.

This spiritual approach goes to the very heart of the matter – the need for God in the lives of all who have been affected by crime. In the end, the only true healing is spiritual, as God transforms suffering into victory as He did for Jesus.

Praying with prisoners. Setting the prisoners free!