The I Am Beautiful Project  is a project created by and for women in prison.

A high percentage of women in prison have experienced some form of abuse in their lives, whether emotional, physical or sexual. As a result, they still live with the effects of their trauma as they serve their sentences. They often have a poor self-image and feelings of worthlessness. The I Am Beautiful Project strives to support their inner beauty as they rediscover self-esteem and worth.

The I Am Beautiful Project invites women in prison to share their writings, stories, poems and art to be considered for an annual publication entitled, I Am Beautiful. Their contributions make this book a work of their own. It also allows them to help other women in prisons across the country who may be struggling with the trauma of abuse.

This project represents the personal contributions of women inmates across the country who sent us their writings and art regarding their experiences of abuse.

The project encourages them to express their past experiences, their road to survival over abuse, and their opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other women in prison who have experienced indignity and violence at the hands of others, often from those who were supposed to love them.

It is our hope that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged to: stand up and count themselves worthy of dignity, and recognize both their inner and outer beauty.

After each new volume is published, free copies are sent to the women’s prisons across the United States.

We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 10.

These submissions can be in the form of stories, poems or art (pencil ink or painting). They can be about your experiences of survival and healing, your identity as a woman, how others have influenced you for bad or for good, how you have coped or not, and how others have helped you through life. 

We invite you to submit your own poems, personal stories and art as a woman who has survived the worst and has grown in the belief that You are beautiful.

All submissions will be considered the property of Dismas Ministry and will not be returned. Your name will be included in the book unless you specifically request your name NOT be used. 


Send book contributions to:
Dismas Ministry
Attn: Kelly O’Keefe-Boettcher
3400 S. 43rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53219