I Feel It Now
I am a little girl lost
I am a scared and broken woman
I am the victim of a horrible crime
I am an inmate doing time
I am terrified of many things
I am facing my demons
no matter how much pain it brings
I am six years old, lost alone
I am twenty-nine still searching for a home
I am fighting with my inner child
I am boiling with rage
I am watching as she kicks and screams
I am embracing her, we start to bleed
I am slowly healing
I feel it now
No longer is it just a dream.
Written by Tiffaney

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I Am Beautiful Blog Series

In anticipation of the release of Volume Eight of “I Am Beautiful” in 2019, we will be starting a new blog series entitled – I Am Beautiful! During the months of December and January, prior to the release of this book, we will share entries from previous volumes. Each blog is written by the women in prison who submitted their personal works. As you read their stories and view their art, may their resilient spirit and messages of hope inspire you to help their collective voices be heard.

Women prisoners are invited to contribute to the book series and a new volume is published annually. Their contributions make this book a work of their own. It also allows them to help other women in prisons across the country who may be struggling with the trauma of abuse.  Our hope is to provide them with courage and comfort.