Prisoner Outreach

A major aspect of DISMAS MINISTRY’s mission is to serve the spiritual needs of Catholic prisoners. It is a matter of faith and justice that these members of the Catholic community not be forgotten and deserve pastoral attention regardless of their wrongdoing. This ministry is inspired by the words of our patron DISMAS on the cross: “Remember me.” (Luke23:42).

“Prisoners need God as much or even more than the population as a whole”
– A Prisoner

Prisoners who have a relationship with God are less likely to offend when released. In scripture they meet the living God who heals them with unconditional love. For this reason Dismas Ministry offers free scripture and faith resources that include Bibles, a unique prayer book for and by inmates, as well as scripture, faith and prayer study materials. Each of these items is intended to support the faith-based rehabilitation of inmates during their time behind bars, as well as lay the foundation for a healthy spiritual life that will serve them whether they remain in prison or are released once their sentence is completed.