Written by Krystal Sade
I Am Beautiful, Volume 3


Unreal is how it feels when I don’t want to believe the truth…
Unreal is what I think when I don’t know why or who…it’s the reality
that gets me and I don’t understand why…

Unreal is when everything feels like I’m day dreaming…
Somebody please wake me up; I know it has no meaning…
Like the flowers, the trees the birds, the bees…Ya’ll know what I mean?
It makes me want to scream “So Unreal!!” I just sit here and drone off into space…
Where would I be if I didn’t catch such a serious case???

This shit just seems so unreal! To the point when my wounds
are open and don’t want to heal…I wish I had a punching bag to hit,
kick and punch whenever I get pissed off or mad! But I don’t so,
I control my anger by writing…And I stay in my room as much as I can
so I don’t end up fighting. It’s just so unreal!
But you have to play the cards that life deals…So I sit back and pretend
I’m somewhere else because when reality is sealed,
it just feels so

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