A Survivors Untold Story

A small child at the age of 6 months old was a victim of child abuse (sexual-physical).

A mother then left her child for the abuser. A child left all alone to thrive on her own at the age of 5.

A mother gave her child away to another unstable abuser. An alcoholic that was as abusive mentally and emotionally. Also in time it came acrossed that the broken child was brought into this life to be announced to her next abuser.  The blood brother who abused this child (sexually) for many years. And then when he was done he threw her away to the next abuser.

At the age of 15 the poor child had a child of her own and still was abused by her child’s father. He mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused her when he was intoxicated. This abuse went on for 3 years until her mate produced the next abuser. He paid to rape the young 18 year old. And left her for dead 2 years later. The young adult was looking for love and only found heart break to another abuser.

She married – to someone she thought she once knew (an alcoholic) who abused and used this young woman. She finally got out and moved far away. To only 10 years later meet her next long lost love (abuser).

She at this time had three children in which she couldn’t control cause she couldn’t even control or love herself. So, she met this abuser. First life she thought was grand. She thought he truly loved her. Well that never failed. She was wrong. He wasn’t an alcoholic – no no no. He was worse. He was a heroin addict. She thought she loved him. She had 2 children with him!

One night coming home from work and she opened the kitchen door! Bamh. She was flat on her back (5) months pregnant. He beat her almost to her and her child’s death. When she woke up, she was in the hospital for the last month ½. Surviving the trauma. And her love, she thought she loved, was in jail on his way to prison.

She lost everything – her home, her children, her dignity, respect, her life.

She scraped and scraped. Job to Job, but never enough to make her ends meet. She ended up hanging with the wrong crowd, and started turning her life upside down.

She gave up and started robbing people to stay alive.  That finally ended one night by taking an innocent person’s life and now she was in the worst of the worst. Prison, away from her family, her children. She now has giving up the bad fight and has gave in to fight for a good life.

A better person.

A new beginning.

A chance to be who she always wanted to be – she has come a long way. And, she is a true survivor. And she’ll continue to stay positive not only for her, but for the real people who really do love her in which she has been searching for her whole life.

This was written by Georgene, an inmate,  for the “I Am Beautiful” book series Volume 4.  Art is the creative work of Georgene as well.

A Survival Resource – Created by and for Women

It is our hope that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged and strengthened to stand up, count themselves worthy of dignity, and see themselves as beautiful within and without.