Testimonials from inmates from our feedback cards

Can you find God behind bars?

Today 93,395 people are in prison in the UK. With time to reflect on their actions, many of them turn to religion for guidance and solace. But what does faith do for those inmates? This week 4thought.tv visits Barlinnie Prison, Scotland’s largest jail to ask, ‘Can you find God behind bars?’

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More inspiring testimonials from inmates on their spiritual journey. inmate testimonialinmate testimonialinmate testimonialinmate testimonials

Inmate testimonialinmate testimonial

Here is a collection of thankful from responses from inmates who have received our materials.

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The gratitude expressed by inmates on our feedback card never ceases to impress us. Truly these are children of God yearning to strengthen their faith and we hope their words touch your heart.

“… I got your address from another inmate. I myself have been baptized in the Catholic Church but I have not ever attended a Catholic Mass. I have a lack of knowledge about my own religion. This lack of knowledge does not stop me from wanting to embrace Christ. So far I’ve only been able to attend non-Catholic sermons here in jail. But these sermons lack something, just like the King James version lacks the full works. I am writing to ask for help in teaching me about the Catholic faith… and any literature about the Catholic faith.”

“…I thank you so much for what you are doing. Please know that your work is a tremendous blessing and ‘feeds’ the spirits of many desperate for it. May God continue to bless you.”

“…I would like any material that can help me educate myself so that I can become very spiritually aware. God bless you for your work. There are a lot of forgotten souls and you are touching them in their need… Thank you for your ministry, you are tapping a large and willing sector of humanity. You are a comfort and a blessing.”