Tiny Drops

Written by Jennifer

Those tiny drops of humanity

Those wet bodies of fluid

that tumble down our eyes

Creeping down our cheeks

Splashing on the floor of our hearts

They were there that day

They are always present at such times

They should be, that’s their job

They are miniature messengers on call

twenty-four hours a day

To substitute for crippled words

They drip, drop, and pour

From the corner of our souls

Carrying with them the deepest emotion we possess

They tumble down our faces with announcements

Ranging from the most blissful joy

to the darkest despair

The principle is simple

When words are most empty

Tears are most apparent

A Survival Resource – Created by and for Women

It is our hope that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged and strengthened to stand up, count themselves worthy of dignity, and see themselves as beautiful within and without.