You Are Who You Are

Sometimes it seems like you are on a rocky road,

and I know you have a story to be told.

Nevertheless, you are who you are;

you are great, shining like a star.

Willing to reach out and give a hand;

to help someone’s feet get pulled out of the sand.

You are like a mother who is caring for her own;

your love is always being shown.

You are who you are.

You are you caring so much;

wishing others will do just such.

Because you are who you are;

you are always near, never too far.

Always there to lend a hand to others

during the good times and times of sorrow

Thank you for being who you are:

God’s bright, shining star.

This was written by Barbara, an inmate,  for the “I Am Beautiful” book series Volume 6!  Art is the creative work of D. Miles, an inmate.

A Survival Resource – Created by and for Women

It is our hope that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged and strengthened to stand up, count themselves worthy of dignity, and see themselves as beautiful within and without.