We believe there is something really special about being able to fill the requests made by inmates. Because they are asking for the Bibles, Prayer books and Study Course themselves, we know each item is truly a gift to them. Here are some requests that inmates write to us, and it is a blessing fill them.

“… (My cellmate) has reopened my heart to a lot of good things… the most important of which is my spirituality. My cellmate shared Pray in the Spirit, Catholic Prayers for Inmates…Could (you) mail me one of those books and …a rosary and any other printed materials that could help to guide me toward the narrow path to richness? Thank you for any helpful materials…” Inmate, Weber County Jail, Ogden, UT

“…Since I received Pray in the Spirit in 2007, I’ve been a stronger person (and) it helped me be a more patient, understanding person…I try my best to bring (others) up when they’re feeling down by letting them read the prayers. It also brought me closer to God, and now, every day, my Faith is with God and I feel so much better. I do have a Catholic Prayers for Inmates, but it’s slowly coming apart. I would appreciate it if I could get a new one.” Inmate, Halawa Correctional Facility, Aiea, Hawaii

“…I am new to the Catholic Faith but I feel welcome and that my search for the true church is over. Now I can rest and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am very interested in receiving a Prayer Book. Can you please send me one? I am very grateful for your services.” Inmate, Lakin Correctional Center, West Columbia, WV

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