If you had a loved one incarcerated during the holidays, how would you “keep hope?”

Keeping Hope is a resource developed by Dismas Ministry.  Ii includes stories of families who have experienced incarceration. They share their wisdom, their struggles, and even their joys. The book contains recommended resources and ideas for dealing with incarceration and is also interactive.  It includes questions for your personal reflection at the end of each chapter.

This book is a culmination of surveys, interviews, personal stories, reflections and resources.

Who should read this book?

Spouses, parents, siblings, or friends of the incarcerated.  Volunteers, pastors, prison ministry program participants, counselors, educators, social service agencies, socially-conscious employers, especially those who employ parolees and anyone concerned about the criminal justice system!

This book is available for purchase now in our store at www.dismasministry.org/shop.

Available in English and Spanish.


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