By Tyler Curtis

Order of Malta Volunteers

The Order of Malta volunteers include, from left,
Steve DeGuire, KM, Mary Cesarz, Mike Cesarz, KM, Dan McCarthy, KM, Hon. Beth Hanan, DM

Every month, Dismas Ministry Board Member Dan McCarthy coordinates a special group of volunteers who visit our operations located at Cardinal Stritch University. This crew on campus is comprised of members of the Milwaukee chapter of the Order of Malta.

Dan serves in the role of Hospitaller with the Federal Association of the Order of Malta, a lay religious order of the Catholic Church. The Order of Malta is active in 120 countries, caring for people in need through its medical, social, and humanitarian works. Projects run by the Order provide sources of constant support for forgotten or excluded members of society.

Since May 2021, this dedicated group has been helping package Catholic scripture, faith, and prayer resources for delivery to prisoners and to the chaplains and volunteers who minister to them. When asked what they like most about volunteering with Dismas Ministry, Dan said: “We feel we are helping those in prison strengthen their faith or maybe even establish their faith for the first time.”

In serving prisoners and supporting chaplains, the Malta volunteers help support those on the margins. “Just knowing that we are supporting those in prison, and in prison ministry, makes us happy,” added Dan. “The Gospels tell us to serve those in need, and specifically calls out those in prison. And, our support of Dismas Ministry’s efforts helps us demonstrate our commitment to our faith.”

According to Dan, the packaging work they do is pretty straightforward. They take great care to ensure that the packages contain the right materials and the correct quantities requested. The packages are then sealed and mailed to jails and prisons located throughout the United States.

This volunteer team encourages others to learn more about Dismas Ministry and get involved. “The hardest decision is to start. Once you get past that you will find the work a great first step in helping those in need,” said Dan.

Thank you to Board Member Dan McCarthy and the Order of Malta volunteers who help us. Their contribution to the mission of Dismas Ministry is invaluable.  


This article was printed in our 2021 Fall Newsletter, Remember Me. 

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